WordPress Management

We now offer WordPress Management. Are you confused by all the news about wordpress site hacking? Are you worried that your plugins might be outdated? Do you need to update the themes you aren’t using? Are you getting a bunch of emails from your site and don’t know what they mean? Let us handle it.… Continue reading WordPress Management

Website Optimization

We can optimize your site for better performance. Google loves a fast website and if yours is running slow, it can hurt your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) We use the latest technology such as minification, image optimization, caching, and Content Delivery Networks (CDN).  If your site is stuck on a slow host, we can move… Continue reading Website Optimization

Web Updates

If your website is outdated it’s not an effective tool to increase and grow your business. With our years of experience rescuing and updating old websites you simply tell us what you need and we make it happen. It doesn’t matter if someone else built your website we can bring it up to date and… Continue reading Web Updates

Online Promotion

Commonly websites are all about the numbers. The more people visit your site the more of them will buy your products or services. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance to keep the flow of traffic increasing.We can increase traffic to your website by utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) True SEO… Continue reading Online Promotion

Website Rescue

Lost control of your site? Was it built by somebody’s brother’s cousin who disappeared when he graduated from High School? That site isn’t much good if you can’t keep it updated and relevant to the changing times. If whoever had control has vanished, leaving you high and dry, contact us, we can help. If you… Continue reading Website Rescue

Reliable Hosting

Our hosting services feature advanced servers providing the most secure operating systems available. If you need to contact us for problems there are no computerized voice mail prompts, no escalating of your call to a supervisor, and no outsourcing to another country. You will have a name and phone number that you can call and… Continue reading Reliable Hosting

Website Management

What is Website Management? Basically, if it has to do with your website we handle it for you. We make sure your domain name is secured and not going to expire unexpectedly. We design and build you a whole new site, if needed. We optimize your existing site for Search Engines (SEO) as well as… Continue reading Website Management