Getting Hacked

  Recently one of my clients’ sites got hacked. I went to update something on the site and discovered that the page title was a long string of code. and other odd characters had popped up in the site content. It’s a WordPress site, so I quickly logged into the admin area and went to… Continue reading Getting Hacked

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What has your website done for you lately?  

It should: Sell your products or services – Your website can and should go into detail about your products and/or services. Unlike a brochure, your website doesn’t have space limitations. Provide Qualified Leads – Your website can help you weed out the hot leads from the time wasters. A few simple questions (the ones you… Continue reading What has your website done for you lately?  

The Cursed Domain

The sad story of a domain name that never was owned by the right people. Once upon a time, maybe 10 years ago, a small folk band hired me to build them a website. Jubilant Bridge.  Harmony driven acoustic music on guitar, harpsichord and vocals.  Anyway, there was trouble right off the bat when they… Continue reading The Cursed Domain

Never Buy a “Custom CMS”

A client of mine bought a “custom CMS” from another company.  It was based on WordPress, so I didn’t worry too much about it. I thought that it being based on WordPress would mean I could fix whatever problems might remain when they turned it over to me.  Boy was I wrong! Sure it was… Continue reading Never Buy a “Custom CMS”

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A true story about how our WordPress Management service saved a site.

For all our WP Management clients we check their sites once week to make sure all the plugins, themes, etc. are up to date.  We then update anything that needs it and move along to the next site.   This week we were checking a site and noticed that it was down.  Thinking maybe it… Continue reading A true story about how our WordPress Management service saved a site.