A true story about how our WordPress Management service saved a site.

wordpress management

For all our WP Management clients we check their sites once week to make sure all the plugins, themes, etc. are up to date.  We then update anything that needs it and move along to the next site.  

This week we were checking a site and noticed that it was down.  Thinking maybe it had been hacked we checked the server and discovered that there were no files there at all.  Worried, we contacted the site’s owner, hoping they had moved the site on purpose or something along those lines.  They were surprised and alarmed to discover that the site was down at all.

We advised them to contact the hosting company (because we didn’t have access to their hosting credentials – or we would have done it ourselves).  They discovered that the servers had been upgraded and were told to change the DNS info to point to the new servers.

We logged into their domain registration account, updated the DNS info., and got the site back online.

What might have been a costly downtime of perhaps days or even weeks, was resolved in a few hours.

Just one more reason to make sure someone competent and trustworthy is checking all your sites on a regular basis.

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