What has your website done for you lately?  

what has it done for me lately

It should:

  • Sell your products or services – Your website can and should go into detail about your products and/or services. Unlike a brochure, your website doesn’t have space limitations.
  • Provide Qualified Leads – Your website can help you weed out the hot leads from the time wasters. A few simple questions (the ones you already ask all your new clients) can help you focus your time on the best prospects.
  • Answer FAQs – You’ve got them memorized already, why not write them down and put them on your website? Every time someone looks them up on your website it saves you the time you would have spent answering the same questions over the phone, by email or in person.
  • Build your email list – Your website can collect email addresses of clients or potential clients and then you can send out mass or individual emails telling them about current news, special offers, services or products.
  • Provide Revenue through advertising (if appropriate) – If your site has built up enough traffic, a few well placed Google ads might provide enough income to pay for your site.
  • Look Good – If your site looks sloppy or dated, then that’s the impression your clients/customers will get about you.